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The Learned Goose

Authors: Jo Brandon

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781908853554

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The Learned Goose is a collection preoccupied with storytelling and the search for answers, often in surprising and ill-considered places. The learned goose was a genuine 18th century touring sensation: a goose that could predict the future, tell time and read you like a book. The learned goose is oxymoronic in nature; geese are considered silly creatures, regulars in fairytales and rich pickings for derogatory idioms and expressions, and yet here we are turning to a goose for answers.

From reimagining historical petit récits to contemporary misgivings, The Learned Goose is a compendium of voices. The collection is arranged into fairytale motifs: Taboo Tales, Tales without Magic and Tales of Rebirth; a reminder of why we turn to words for comfort.

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