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The London Magazine - February / March 2010

The London Magazine - February / March 2010

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Poems by Sue Butler, Maggie Butt, Laura Chalar, David Devanny, Tobias Hill, Sophie Mayer, Steven O’Brien, Shelley Puhak, Joel Scarfe, Pauline Stainer

A Short Story by Alison MacLeod

"The Curious Case of Cricket and English Literary Writing": Mihir Bose discusses writers' love of the civilised sport and traces it in novels from Dickens to Joseph O'Neill.

"The Nightingale's Song": John Caple describes the folk tales that inspire his painting.

"Poetry and Politics": Grey Gowrie comments on an unpredictable relationship.

"The Schumann Show": John Greening provides an appreciation of the composer as we approach the bicentenary of his birth.

"Herta Müller: Nobel Laureate 2009": Brigid Haines introduces the Romanian-born prize-winner.

"A Crisis of Brilliance: 1910 and the London Art Scene": Following the publication of his latest book, David Boyd Haycock commemorates the century-old avant-garde of Bloomsbury.

"Abu Dhabi Globalises Culture": Editor Steven O'Brien's encounter with a 21st century renaissance.

"Serious Anthony Powell": Matthew Scott invokes the writer's sources of humour.

"Novels of the Recent Past": Nicholas Summerfield considers the zeitgeist in literature from the 90s and 00s.

"Reading in Captivity": Terry Waite CBE gives an insight into a heightened appreciation of books.

"London's First Arab: Abd-al-Wahid Anuri’s Six Months in the City": George Williamson observes early cultural differences in the year 1600.


Sue Butler, Letting Go
Maggie Butt, The Patron Saint of Remaindered Books
Laura Chalar, Long Learning
David Devanny, The Hanging Stone
Tobias Hill, Astrakhan
Sophie Mayer, Sur l'Escalier
Steven O'Brien, Lough Swilley
Shelley Puhak, The Rock
Joel Scarfe, Eccles
Pauline Stainer, Three Poems


Alison MacLeod, Under the Minarets


Mihir Bose: The Curious Case of Cricket and English Literary Writing
John Caple: The Nightingale's Song
Grey Gowrie: Poetry and Politics
John Greening: The Schumann Show
Brigid Haines: Herta Müller: Nobel Laureate 2009
David Boyd Haycock: A Crisis of Brilliance: 1910 and the London Art Scene
Steven O'Brien: Abu Dhabi Globalises Culture
Matthew Scott: Serious Anthony Powell
Nicholas Summerfield: Novels of the Recent Past
Terry Waite CBE: Reading in Captivity
George Williamson: London's First Arab: Abd-al-Wahid Anuri's Six Months in the City


Bruce Anderson, Venice: Pure City
Claire Crowther, New Collections by Matthew Welton and Peter Abbs
Hugh Dunkerley, The Ekphrasis of Philip Gross and Simon Denison
Sophia Wood, A Country of Words