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The London Magazine - June / July 2012

The London Magazine - June / July 2012

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Poems by Byron Beynon, Norman Buller, John Gladwell, Philip Gross, Michael Horovitz, Tim Murdoch, Tom O’Reilly and Zoe Southcott.

Short story, ‘The Leanan Sidhe’, by Steven O’Brien.

‘Landscapes of Transformation: The Art of Harold Mockford’: Peter Abbs sheds light on a lesser-known Sussex painter ahead of a key exhibition at the Towner Gallery.

‘Extract from Dad’s the Word’: Editor of the Hindustan Times, Soumya Bhattacharya, relishes the challenges and delights of parenthood in his latest memoir.

‘ArcelorMittal Orbit: The Middle of Nowhere’: In an inspired and thought-provoking essay, David Birch unravels Kapoor’s Olympic site installation.

‘Edmund Waller and Andrew Marvell: Two Poems Contrasted’: Norman Buller takes a new look at seventeenth-century English poetry.

‘The Nine Muses: Where Writers Get their Ideas’: Alison Habens tells the story of how the ancients attributed their inspiration.

‘Frank Lloyd Wright: An Architect Who Believed in Personal Freedom’: Russell Lewis reminds us of the formidable contribution made by the master architect.

‘Bringing Back Buchan’: David McVey argues in favour of a rediscovery of these underrated tales.

‘Thomas Mann and von Sternberg’s The Blue Angel’: Jeffrey Meyers delves into German fiction to find the origins of a classic film.

‘Vicken Parsons: Paintings’: Grey Gowrie introduces a new feature where The London Magazine will look at contemporary exhibitions in commercial galleries.

‘England’s Crimea’: Algernon Percy describes his moving visit to the scene of a buried war, explaining why Member of Parliament, Patrick Mercer, has decided to make a film.

‘The Fall and Rise of a Familiar Curtain’: Geoffrey Shovelton reminisces about the special times performing with the D’Oyly Carte Opera.

‘Happiness Paints White’: George Watson wonders whether we are destined only to pursue the elusive goal.


Byron Beynon, 'The Heron'
Norman Buller, 'Broken Statues'
John Gladwell, 'Where your Breath Now Waits'
Philip Gross, Two poems
Michael Horovitz, 'A Postcard from Ireland'
Tim Murdoch, Two poems
Tom O’Reilly, 'Ronan'
Zoe Southcott, 'Moonlit'


Steven O’Brien, ‘The Leanan Sidhe’


Peter Abbs:      Landscapes of Transformation: The Art of Harold Mockford
Soumya Bhattacharya:    Extract from Dad’s the Word
David Birch:    ArcelorMittal Orbit: The Middle of Nowhere
Norman Buller:    Edmund Waller and Andrew Marvell: Two Poems Contrasted
Alison Habens:    The Nine Muses: Where Writers Get their Ideas
Russell Lewis:                Frank Lloyd Wright: An Architect Who Believed in Personal Freedom
David McVey:    Bringing Back Buchan
Jeffrey Meyers:    Thomas Mann and von Sternberg’s The Blue Angel
Vicken Parsons:            Paintings
Algernon Percy:            England’s Crimea
Geoffrey Shovelton:    The Fall and Rise of a Familiar Curtain
George Watson:    Happiness Paints White
Robert Zaretsky:    Boswell’s Grand Tour


Frank Armstrong            All in the Mind (Rupert Sheldrake, ‘The Science Delusion’)
Alexander Douglas    What Happened Next? (Alex Rosenberg, ‘The Atheist’s Guide to Reality: Enjoying Life without Illusions’)
Hugh Dunkerley             Different Voices (Eoghan Walls, ‘The Salt Harvest’; Derwent May, ‘Wondering About Many Women’ and Norman Buller, ‘Powder on the Wind’)
Malcolm Forbes            Thinkers Alike (Marilynne Robinson, ‘When I Was a Child I Read Books’ and Susan Sontag, ‘Diaries 1963-1981: As Consciousness is Harnessed to Flesh)
Terry Kelly                Hammerhead Revisited (Ian Hamilton, ‘The Little Magazines: A Study of Six Editors’; ‘Gazza Agonistes’; and ‘Writers in Hollywood: 1915-1951’)
Erik Martiny    Chromotherapy in Cokaigne (Maurice Denis Museum)