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The Spanish Italian Border

Authors: Roisin Tierney

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781908376343

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As the title suggests, this is a book that contorts the world we know, oddly fluid and yet grounded in subjects that range from rural Ireland to sub-maritime journeys to Spain, from unheard of languages to ghost dogs.

Through acute observations and litanies, there are echoes of song and chants that pull you innocently through to often shocking climaxes. However, never lost underneath all these poems is a genuine celebration of life and its peculiarities.

Róisín Tierney was born in Dublin in 1963 and studied Psychology and Philosophy at University College Dublin. She moved to London in 1985, where she worked in many areas, from theatrical make-up artist to museum administrator. After several years teaching in Spain (Valladolid and Granada), and Ireland (Dublin) she is now settled in London. Her poetry has appeared in anthologies from Donut Press, Ondt & Gracehoper and Unfold Press.

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